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boulevard 70-g3 onyx
Britax Boulevard 70-G3

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Cool Flow Grey

The Britax Boulevard 70-G3 has been replaced by a newer model the Boulevard ClickTight.

Parents have been giving the new seat great reviews.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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The Boulevard 70-G3 has now been replaced by a newer model, the Boulevard Clicktight.

The Britax Boulevard 70-G3 was the successor to the original Boulevard 70. It is a convertible type that is suitable for an infant weighing between 5 and 40 pounds when used rear facing. It can then be used front facing for a child older than one year weighing between 20 and 70 pounds.

It uses the innovative HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard System) chest pads that use SafeCell Technology to help manage forces arising due to a crash. The chest pads keep your child from tipping forward and make sure that your child is sitting in the best position for the optimum protection.

The seat rigidity is also further improved by using steel bars that are incorporated into the design.

Getting your child seated is also easier thanks to the Britax EZ-Buckle System, This system keeps the buckle out of the way while you position your child correctly for the journey. The Tangle-Free 5-Point Harness is also easy to adjust to get the correct fit without the need for rethreading.

The seat gives True Side Impact Protection due to a headrest generously lined with EPP foam and the deep side walls which are similarly cushioned.

The manufacturer, Britax USA, gives a one year limited warranty on this model.

In the event of any spillages, the covers can be removed and cleaned by hand washing using a mild detergent and cool water. Britax give full instructions in the manual for cleaning the covers and straps. The Boulevard is available in several different attractive designs as seen below.

Fabric Options Available with Model Numbers

Aztec E9BJ93S
Caitlin E9BJ91M
Onyx E9BJ91A
Silver Birch E9BJ91S
Zebra E9BJ93P
Sterling E9LJ93A


Convertible Seat

Rear Facing
Child Weight: 5 to 40 Pounds
Child Maximum Height: 49 Inches
Shoulder Height When Seated: 9 – 16.75 Inches

Forward Facing
Minimum Age: 1 Year
Child Weight: 20 to 70 Pounds
Child Maximum Height: 49 Inches
Shoulder Height When Seated: 12 – 16.75 Inches


  • True Side Impact Protection provided via deep side walls of the seat and head restraint lined with energy absorbing EPP foam
  • HUGS Chest Pads incorporating SafeCell technology
  • EZ-Buckle system makes getting seated easier as the buckle is kept in the forward position
  • Base has SafeCell technology which compresses during a crash reducing the likelihood of child being propelled towards the rear of the front seat
  • Rigid due to steel bars used in design
  • Energy-absorbing versa-tether
  • 5-Point tangle free harness
  • Quick-adjust no-rethread harness
  • Premium lower latch connectors
  • Built in lock-offs
  • Harness holders
  • FAA certified as suitable for airline travel
  • Limited 1 year warranty

What Parents Liked

  • No need to rethread straps for adjustments
  • Cover is easy to remove for cleaning
  • Excellent head protection
  • Easy to install
  • Great customer care from Britax USA
  • Straps don’t twist
  • Child sits higher giving a better all round view during journeys

What Parents Didn’t Like

There was an early recall for the HUGS chest pads to be swapped out. The problem was quickly resolved and seats on sale do not have this issue.

Review Summary

This new improved model of the Boulevard is also receiving the same high levels of parent satisfaction as previously with the older model. It combines no-twist easy adjustment straps and easy clean covers together with excellent safety levels.

This model is deservedly popular with parents and receives our highest recommendation if you are looking for a great convertible car seat. It offers a high level of side-impact protection and comes from a top manufacturer that has a reputation for giving great customer service.

Alternative Choices

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