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Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 22 Review with Parents Comments..

Graco SnugRide 22 Surrey
The Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 22 is the smallest model of SnugRide in the Classic Connect version available today the other sizes available in the Classic Connect range being the 30 and the 35. The difference being the top weight of child that can be carried in the seat safely.

(4.3 / 5)

The Classic Connect 22 is the lightest model of the seat and is the seat for you if you struggle getting the carrier with baby inside out of the car because this is one of the lightest seats on the market supplied by any manufacturer.

The seat is rear facing only an infant in the weight range of 5 to 22 pounds.

It comes complete with a 5-Point Safety Harness so that you can be sure that your child is secured safely for the journey. Please note that the lowest weight infant that this model can carry is 5 pounds unlike the Graco SnugRide 30 which can safely carry a 4 pound child.

The SnugRide 22 has been carefully tested and side impact tested and found to fully meet or exceed the requirements of U.S. Standard FMVS213. The unit is generously upholstered with EPS energy absorbing foam to ensure effective management of crash forces in the event of an accident.

The base is easy to install in the car using with the LATCH anchor system in conjunction with the level indicators, and is of course, fully adjustable. The base is conveniently designed to be left in the car and it is easy to reconnect the seat when you return to your vehicle. Spare bases are available for purchase if required. A sturdy carry handle and adjustable sun canopy complete the configuration of the SnugRide 22.

Keeping the seat clean is relatively easy as the seating pad can be machine washed, mild soap and water can be used to clean the metal and plastics, and the buckle can be wiped with a damp cloth. This model of Graco Seat comes in a large number of different colors and designs including, Little Hoot, Pasadena, Sequoia and Smarties to name a few. See the pictures below for more information of the different variants available.

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Infant Car Seat
Infant Weight: 5 to 22 Pounds
Infant Maximum Height: 29 inches
Weight of Seat without base: 7.5 Pounds
Weight of Seat with base: 13 pounds

Height: 24.2 Inches
Width: 17.5 Inches
Depth: 26.7 Inches


  • Suitable for use rear facing for infants in the weight range of 5 to 22 pounds
  • Uses Energy Absorbing EPS foam for effective management of crash forces
  • Incorporates a Level Indicator to help with easy installation
  • Manufacturers website offers videos to help with installation if required
  • Can be installed using LATCH system and the base can be left in the car – spare bases are available if required
  • Comes complete with Removable Infant Head Support Cushions
  • Complete with an easy to adjust 5-Point Harness to ensure your child is secured safely
  • Comes complete with Sunshade
  • Seating pad can be cleaned by machine washing
  • Available in a large number of designs and colors
  • Rated as one of the Best Infant Car Seats by leading consumer magazines
  • Meets or exceeds rigorous U.S. safety standards
  • Can be used together with Graco Classic Connect™ strollers as a great Travel System

What Parents Liked..

  • It’s both light, and easy to carry
  • Great value for money – other models can be far more expensive
  • The sunshade can come all the way forward to block the sun properly
  • Easy to wipe up spills and mess
  • Straps adjust from the front
  • Comes in beautiful designs

What Parents Didn’t Like

  • The material seems to make baby sweaty, but this view was only shared by 2 Parents out of many reviewers.

Graco Strollers Compatible with the Snugride 22

Any of the Classic Connect Strollers below will fit the SnugRide 22

Dynamo Lite™ Classic Connect™ Stroller
FastAction™ Fold Classic Connect™ Stroller
LiteRider® Classic Connect™ Stroller
Quattro Tour® Duo Classic Connect™ Stroller
Ready2Grow™ Classic Connect™ LX Stroller
Ready2Grow™ Classic Connect™ Stroller
RoomFor2™ Classic Connect™ Stand & Ride Stroller
Trekko® Classic Connect™ Stroller
UrbanLite™ Classic Connect™ Stroller

Other SnugRide Models of Seat

There are other models of the Graco SnugRide available as shown below:

SnugRide 30 For Children weighing between 4-30 pounds and less than 30 inches in height

SnugRide 35 For Children weighing between 5-35 pounds and less than 32 inches in height

All of the different models of the SnugRide are available in a large range of different designs and colors so you can be sure that you will be able to find a match with your vehicle upholstery.

Review Summary

The Graco SnugRide 22 Infant Car Seat is America’s favorite infant seat and is top rated for both safety and ease of use by several leading consumer magazines. Many parents also consider this to be one of the best Infant Car Seats they have used and would not buy any other make.

It’s very difficult to find any drawbacks to this model apart from 2 parents saying that the material could get baby sweaty but this view was very much in the minority. All in all, a very good seat that deserves our highest recommendation.

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