What is an Infant Car Seat?

An Infant Car Seat is generally the first type of Safety Seat that a child will need. All Infant Car Seats should be used in the rear facing direction as per the manufacturer’s instructions, as using the seat in this orientation gives the best protection to an infant particularly protecting the neck and spine from injury.

Some premature babies will need a Crash-Tested Car Bed if they are below 4lbs in weight or are not able to sit up during the ride home. Infant Car Seats are normally capable of seating an infant from 5 to at least 22 pounds although there are now more models that can safely seat a child from 4 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds.

Most seats are designed so that your baby can be easily removed from the car while still resting in the seat and can then either be carried or fixed into a stroller or pram frame. Your baby will often carry on sleeping while you move the seat. All Infant Car Seats available in the United States use a 5-point harness and are certified as meeting Federal Safety Standards.

Consult the manufacturer’s documentation to ensure that your seat is suitable for both your child and that it can be fitted properly in your model of vehicle. Once your child exceeds the recommended size make sure you move your child into a higher weight range seat.

Some models of infant seats offer different extra enhancements such as, a recline function, sunshades and accompanying travel systems that use matching stroller or pram frames. Different seats can also offer improved safety features such as higher levels of side impact protection and the use of greater amounts of energy absorbing foam. Some seats also have built in storage compartments and cup holders.

What To Look For When Purchasing an Infant Car Seat

  • It must fit your child
  • Must be used rear-facing if being used by an infant
  • It must come with a secure 5-point harness
  • Your car must have fittings that enable your chosen seat to be fitted properly in your car
  • The covers should be able to be removed easily for cleaning
  • The manufacturer should offer at least a 1 year warranty with the seat
  • Consult Reviews on Amazon or other retailers from other parents and check that they are mostly pleased with the seat

Optional Things to Look For

  • Does it come with infant positioning inserts?
  • What travel systems can the seat be used with – if any?
  • Is the Infant Car Seat available in different colors?
  • Is the seat certified as safe to use for airline travel?
  • Does the seat come with a sun shade?


Remember that choosing the right seat is an important decision. Take your time to make the right choice for both you and your child. Here at Car Seats Info we have compiled the opinions of many different parents from many different shopping websites. We have used the opinions of parents who have already purchased that seat to compile meaningful reviews that you can trust to help you in making the right choice.

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