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Recaro ProRIDE Blue Opal

The Recaro ProRide has now been discontinued and is no longer available.

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The Recaro ProRIDE is a convertible type of car seat that can be used in the rear facing position for a newborn infant in the weight range 5-35 pounds and front facing for an older child in the weight range from 20-70 pounds. The ProRIDE is only suitable for a child of less than 50 inches in height.

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

A generous layer of EPS energy absorbing foam is used in the construction to provide increased protection. The seat also has several other additional innovative safety features developed by Recaro and designed to reduce the likelyhood of your child being injured during a vehicle accident.

An easy to adjust head restraint is used on the ProRIDE and this can be quickly adjusted with the turn of a knob to properly fit your child so that it offers maximum comfort and safety. The EasyAdjust 5-Point Harness can also be adjusted without rethreading at the same time as the head restraint to obtain the best position for the shoulder straps on your child.

Installation can be accomplished by using using either LATCH or your own vehicles safety belts.

The ProRIDE meets or exceeds all of the following Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Child Restraint Systems; FMVSS 213, and the Flammability of Interior Materials FMVSS 302. It has also been certified as suitable for airline travel.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on this particular model.

The covers come in several different colors and designs and they can be removed for hand washing using cold water and mild soap solution by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. The different color variants available include, Sable, Riley, Misty, Blaze and Aspen. See pictures below for more information.

Designs and Model Numbers

The ProRIDE comes in a number of different attractive fabric designs which correspond to the model numbers shown below:

ColorModel Number
Blue Opal332.01.AK21


Convertible Seat

Used Rear Facing
Child Weight: 5 to 35 Pounds

Used Front Facing
Child Weight: 20 to 70 Pounds
Height of Child : Less than 50 Inches


  • Can be used rear or front facing
  • EasyAdjust Harness System which never needs rethreading
  • 5-point safety harness with frontal adjustment
  • EPS Energy Absorbing Foam used extensively to absorb any crash forces
  • Infant head support
  • Large head support wings improve head protection and limit head sideways movement during a crash
  • TruLock seat belt lock-off mechanism
  • Push-button LATCH system
  • Cool mesh ventilated fabric helps infant keep cool
  • Side storage pockets built incorporated into design
  • Soft, removable, washable covers
  • Suitable for airline use both rear and front facing
  • Meets or exceeds US Federal Standards

What parents liked about it..

  • Solid construction
  • Great padded headrest
  • Easy to adjust harness and headrest
  • Once installed properly is rock solid
  • Ventilation system stops baby overheating
  • Child sits higher than on some seats
  • It seats your child high up

What the parents didn’t like..

  • Cover is not machine washable – can only be hand washed

Review Summary

The Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat was very highly recommended by practically all of the parents who bought it. The seat was reasonably easy to install and did not take up too much room in the car and was praised many times for being of solid construction. Most parents liked the wrap-around headrest and found the easy method of adjusting the harness and headrest superb.

The children that used the ProRIDE also liked it, especially when in the front facing direction, as the higher seat height gives them a much better view of what’s going on and tends to stop them getting bored during journeys.

The ProRIDE receives a firm recommendation from us if you are looking for a high quality car seat.

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