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Recaro ProSPORT Car Seat – Review Plus Parent Comments and More..

Recaro Performance SPORT Redd


The Recaro ProSPORT Combination is strongly endorsed by many parents who use it. The main view was that this model is of excellent quality and the craftsmanship used in its manufacture was evident in every detail. It’s quite heavy but once fitted correctly felt rock solid and offered the very best protection.

(4.6 / 5)

Some parents said that the harness straps were a little on the short side but Recaro has responded to this criticism by supplying longer straps on the latest models of the chair.

The ProSPORT is narrower than some in this class so if your child is of heavy build you might be better going with a wider seat such as the Britax Frontier 85.


Combination Car Seat
Minimum Age of Child: 1 Year

Used as Front Facing with Harness
Child Weight:20 – 90 Pounds
Child Height: 27 to 50 Inches

Used as Belt-Positioning Booster
Child Weight: 30 to 120 Pounds
Child Height: 37 to 59 Inches

Seat Height:25 to 30 Inches
Seat Width: 18.5 Inches
Seat Depth: 14 Inches
Seat Weight:22 Pounds


  • Uses LATCH and also Top Tether to provide extra secure installation which prevents seat movement during a crash
  • 5-Point Harness fits child up to a weight of 90 pounds – this is the highest weight limit in its class
  • provides Recaro unique design of enhanced side impact protection
  • Uses EPS energy absorbing foam to distribute crash forces during side impact accidents
  • Covers can be removed for cleaning
  • Certified for use during air travel
  • Recaro offers a limited 1 year warranty on the Recaro ProSPORT
  • Available in a wide range of designs and colors


The Recaro ProSPORT is a forward facing combination type of car seat that can be used for a child between 20 and 120lbs and in the height range of 27 to 59 inches tall. It comes with an adjustable 5-point harness that can be used from 27 to 50 inches tall and up to 90 pounds. When your child reaches 90 pounds it can be converted into a belt-positioning booster that can be used until your child reaches a top weight of 120 pounds.

The seat can be installed using the LATCH System and Top Tether or by using your existing car  safety belts. EPS energy absorbing foam is used generously in the construction and this offers increased protection to your child in the event of a crash. Advanced Recaro Side Impact Protection technology is also used in the design and this gives much better protection from side collision type vehicle accidents.

The 5-point harness is fully adjustable, and in addition the headrest height can be adjusted in several positions to ensure that your child’s head can be properly cradled in the headrest. It also has a recline system to help with aligning it correctly with your car seat and the design also incorporates two handy storage pockets.

The ProSPORT has been tested and complies with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Child Restraint Systems, FMVSS 213, and Flammability of Interior Materials, FMVSS 302. This model has also been certified as suitable for airline travel.

Recaro offer a limited 1-year guarantee.

Several attractive designs are available including, Aspen, Blaze and Blue Opal and the covers can be easily removed for cleaning as per the manufacturers instructions.


What Parents Liked about It…

  • Craftsmanship is excellent and the seat oozes quality compared to cheaper models
  • Largest amount of padding used on this seat
  • Head and side wings cocoon your child’s body
  • Sturdy, heavy design
  • Easy to get a good, tight fit with LATCH
  • Easy to adjust harness and headrest
  • Longer Harness straps are now being used

What the Parents Didn’t Like..

  • Some parents felt the harness straps were too short for their child. Recaro has since updated the seat with longer straps so this issue has now been resolved
  • Quite heavy
  • No cup holder


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Always ensure that you purchase car seats online from vendors like Amazon who will allow you to return it if it does not suit your child or fit your vehicle.


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